Food All The Time.


My friends were shopping from Palledium, Mumbai and I didn’t wanted to shop so was just looking around the place. While leaving the mall, I came across this Wraps & Rolls Chicken, which offers delicious stuff. I remember I had two rolls, and my stomach was completely full after having that.


Russian Roulette.

2016-06-20 11.24.06 1.jpg

| Mood Indigo 2015 | The first form of Roulette was devised in 18th century France. Do you know? According to the records, the first roulette wheel was not built for gambling purposes. It was instead developed by French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal, who was attempting to devise a machine that would stay in perpetual motion. 😊 PS. There were less lights over their, thanks to 6400 ISO. 😀

Light Up The World.


| Mood Indigo 2015 | In such a huge campus, there were different areas divided where events/activities were going on. Every area had different sort of decoration. Over here in this photograph, they played creatively with these umbrellas hanging on the top. 🙂

Chaae Time!


| Mood Indigo 2015 | There was Sunrise Dhaba in the campus. Every morning many people used to come over here to fill up their stomach. It was my daily routine to eat this bread omlette along with a cup of tea in the morning at this Dhaba. 😁 Ps. Even this foodie place was far away from my room because the campus is hugeeeee. 😛

A Little Chit Chat.

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| Mood Indigo 2015 | People were sitting around the bonfire, talking about their life. Many unknown people came to know about each other. It’s a fest to connect anyone belonging from different places. And most importantly people were telling about the spooky horror stories because the event name of this bonfire night was “Horror Story Telling”. 😛 Isn’t that cool? 😉

Concert lights.


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So, this was how the traffic at IIT Powai road looked like. Whether it be a weekday or a weekend, you’ll see this traffic everytime (even more than this on a weekend). 😛 It’s looking like an EDM concert in which these cars are the people who are holding their cell phones with their flashlight on. 😀